Windows 7 PC password reset

Let’s learn how to reset a password on any Windows 7 PC.


There are three ways to do this.
    1. By using a Windows CD
    2. By using a Linux bootable USB
    3. By using a password reset tool
The easiest way is resetting a password using windows CD
  • Windows 7
First of all, insert the CD. Then restart the PC.




When your on a PCย at the bootย menuย , select it.ย F2, is like a lot of time in his F12.ย Then from theย CDย ROMย selectย at the bootย deviceย the same.




Click on Next.




Click on Repair your computer .




choose command prompt .




Type this in the command prompt.First, you need to select the partition that installs the windows.
type C: and press enter
type dirย  and press enter then check can u see the file list,
If is not type D: and press enter


ย Now System 32 file together to go together,
cd windows that type has to Enter.
cd system 32ย that type has to Enter.


Now that utilman.exe file to rename it.ย Want to copy a separate file.
renย  utilman.exe utilman.exe Enter
copy cmd.exe utilman.exe Enter


Nowย ย exitย ย that type has to Enter. ย And one out of the command prompt. Thenย ย restart buttonย ย to restart it uncomfortable.ย login screen to wait .

Click on the sign on the screen login.ย command prompt to open it.


Now on the command prompt,
type the control userpasswords 2 to press Enter.
User Accownts tab to open one.


Password Reset press are there.ย Now to a reset password tab from the new password.ย Now it is your password is now able to log on.ย But not the end of his, now your PC to log file is now before the copy is made out of antique to rename one file you have to.
‘this pc -> local Disk ( C ๐Ÿ™‚ -> Windows -> System32’ย Go to the System32 folder in order, utilman.exe Delete a file that do.ย utilman_bak .exe file that one.ย Rename that to utilman.exe.

utilman_bak.exe that one file, properties -> Securty -> Advanced go.

Change Permission go Add button.ย User name is the same on the object name to.ย User name on the top location for one coming.ย check Name ok to feel uncomfortable.ย Apply also to the other tab to Ok.ย Now go to Edit on the Full control kina Give the user.ย Now press ok to rename Utilman.exe way.ย Now the job is done.๐Ÿ™‚

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